Vincent SA T7 < Hybrid Pre Ampliler

3000 EUR
KDV Dahil: 30,199.20
Havale ile: 28,689.24
Havale Kazancınız: 1,509.96

Transfer qualities of amplifiers are currently being challenged by modern signal sources. Traditional (classical) technology and ECC81/82/83/88 does not cover the full potential of tube technology.

We developed a Vincent pre-amplifier SA-T7 that increases pure amplifying of precious audio signals with tubing on a level never realised before. This is made possible by a patented circuit technology: A new BestPentode circuit developed by Dipl-Ing (Master of Engineering) Frank Blöhbaum eliminates those for pentodes typical electrical current noises. The BestPentode device has got a higher level of amplifying small noise than other triods. This high-level grid pentode type CV6189 displays its whole potential. This tube is a new old stock (NOS) from storage that was used for amplifying high-frequency signals 24/7 in telecommunication. Guaranteed service life for professional use for the tube made in England is 10,000 hours ex factory. 

The impedance converter consists of a grid triod type 6S3P-EV - a Russian military tube with a long life that was used in an MIG's airborne radar. The noiseless power supply connectors of the BestPentode device provides for an extremely pure audio transmission. We developed our own module called Vimala (the meaning in Sanskrit is "pure, transparent and clear") for this purpose. 

You can adjust your individual listening habits with an additional gainblock CV6189, 6S3P-EV and Vimala module that controls precisely treble and bass sounds. It can be deactivated optionally. This extremly low output resistor of modern amplifier technology (just 1 Ohm) makes amplifier outputs with only resistive characteristics possible. A steady transmission over the general frequency range and lossless controlling of sensitive connector cables is therefore secured. Two separate output resistors (50 and 600 Ohm) are provided for easy connections.   

Thanks to the BestPentode circuit technology newly manufactured in series with exquisite Vimala power supply pairing, a highly linear amplifying with almost no noise and super speed is created for an exceptional music listening experience. We at Vincent are very proud of our SA-T7 because it is the peak of many years’ experience in constructing innovative tube amplifiers. Innovation to fair prices that is developed and finally assembled in Germany. 

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